Originally inspired by shadow puppetry, the pageantry of the poem Half-light plays out upon a hand-painted panel sewn into the back of this top. The image of two figures, or a figure and its shadow, speaks to how we impact one another as we live out our lives: how we may look for the Self in the Other; how we cast indelible shadows on each other, informing each other’s shapes as we grow; how a particular aspect of one’s self might only be awakened by crossing the path of a particular person, never to be gleaned otherwise; and how the search for the soulmate, one’s “other half,” is an ancient and enduring quest. 

“Love is born into every human being,” Aristophanes says in Plato’s The Symposium. “It calls back the halves of our original nature together; it tries to make one out of two…”



  • Partway down the spine of Half-light, the two back panels open like a curtain to reveal a hand-painted figure and its shadow, evoking the poem’s words: “While I project my shadow, my skin on your skin…”
  • Blouse shape is a slight A-line with reverse bottom and sleeve hems
  • Small slit at sleeve edge
  • Diminutive stand-up collar; keyhole opening at back with fabric loop and smoke-black mother-of-pearl button closure
  • Available in black or white, both with white painted panel
  • French seams
  • 10% of your Half-light purchase benefits Venture Out regionally and, locally, Out Maine. Both organizations support queer youths and adults
  • Includes a card imprinted with the poem


Materials and garment care

100% midweight Irish linen with hand-painted
100% midweight Irish linen panel.

Delicate cold wash and hang dry, or
green dry clean. Do not bleach.
May shrink slightly.
Painted panel: iron wrong side, low heat.


Ellery, in white at the paper curtain, is 5’5” and is wearing size S.
Nadine, in black, is 5’10” and is wearing size XL.
Lindsey, in black with hoop earrings, is 5’4” and is wearing size S.


You are in on the ground floor of this project—thank you for your faith and sense of adventure! Right now, all items are available for pre-order only so that we may reach required minimums and craft our supply responsibly. 

Once you place your order, we will be in touch with updates as they happen. Because we cannot guarantee the ship date of preorder items, preorders may be cancelled for a full refund at any time up until the ship date. Please inquire as to the status of a preorder by writing to us at hello@catherinefisherclothing.com.

Thank you again!

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