In Libris

Books are ambient, auric. The 7-part poem In Libris sings of the desire to conjure just the right book to amplify your mood, envelop you in a particular atmosphere, spirit you to a place you long to go. And books are magnetic. Wonders can come as a result of the books we hold: chance words with strangers, eureka! ideas, even secret notes from other readers gone before us.

While an Ex Libris (“from the library of”) bookplate names a book’s owner for its easy return, In Libris illuminates the books that dwell inside of us, those being written as we live and those we long to read ourselves in. As W.H. Auden said, “A real book is not one that we read, but one that reads us.”


In Libris

  • A tunic to be dressed up or down, worn alone or over a T-shirt, blouse or long-sleeved shirt, belted or not, In Libris is changeable by mood (and perfect for reading!)
  • Gusseted front pocket houses a square handmade cloth book with a linen cover and 8 blank sateen pages. Add your writing, drawing, stitching, and/or enclosures, perhaps a list of favorite or must-get-to book titles, inspired by a poem about reading
  • Delicate shawl collar, off-center flat-felled vertical front seam to a slit at the hem, loose fit
  • Two side-seam pockets; French seams
  • 10% of your In Libris purchase benefits access to education, literacy and creative writing: Michelle Obama’s Girls Opportunity Alliance nationally and, locally, The Telling Room in Portland, Maine
  • Includes a card imprinted with the poem

Materials and garment care

100% midweight Irish linen tunic
with handmade book; 100% Irish linen cover
and 100% organic cotton sateen pages,
hand-bound and hand-stamped.
Please remove book before laundering.

Delicate cold wash and hang dry, or
green dry clean. Do not bleach.
May shrink slightly. Iron low heat.


Mariah, in oyster, with stacks of books, is 5’7” and is wearing size L.
Ava, in charcoal belted, is 5’11” and is wearing size S.
Lindsey, in oyster, is 5’4” and is wearing size S.


You are in on the ground floor of this project—thank you for your faith and sense of adventure! Right now, all items are available for pre-order only so that we may reach required minimums and craft our supply responsibly. 

Once you place your order, we will be in touch with updates as they happen. Because we cannot guarantee the ship date of preorder items, preorders may be cancelled for a full refund at any time up until the ship date. Please inquire as to the status of a preorder by writing to us at

Thank you again!

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