I am awed by the power and possibility of connection. In my life, I’ve found meaning and inspiration as a biographer, innkeeper, acupressurist, baker, poem maker and, now, creator of clothing. Each chapter has been an opportunity to expand by knowing and learning from others.

It is this lifelong art of becoming—both personal and collective—that informs these designs. In the meeting of text and textile, the story stitched into each piece is an idea to be discovered and brought to life by you, the wearer—like finding a secret note in the crevice of a stone wall, or tucked into the pages of a book.

I share with the hope that you will find connections of your own, and the inspiration to create new stories from these wearable poems.

“Each one of us has, somewhere in (their) heart, the dream to make a living world, a universe.”

The Timeless Way of Building
Christopher Alexander

Writing poems is a process of discovery, of revealing. These garments, essentially poems in physical form, have traveled this same journey. Each element of a blouse or pant, as with each word and stanza of a poem, represents a personal quest to illuminate an underlying idea or question.

Whether gathering driftwood on a Maine beach for handmade paint brushes, constructing scenery elements for photo shoots or developing calligraphies and designing embellishments specific to each garment—my choices seek to articulate the inner life of each poem. Every bit is part inquiry, part finding in the art of expression.


This project owes much of its becoming to the support, wisdom and hands-on involvement of my dear friend and mentor, artist Bessie Moulton. Bessie has volunteered as the fit model for every design, offering feedback and suggestions each step of the way.

I am and will be forever grateful for her love, cheerleading, good taste and straight-talk. View Bessie’s beautiful lookbook; visit her own website to be transported by her deeply brilliant artwork; and follow her on Instagram for never-ending inspiration by this talented wonder.

I’d also like to thank other incredible souls who have shared their talents on this journey: