Body Story 1

The poem Body Story lays claim to every body’s right: the space to unfold, expand and live out every particle of glorious light originating within.

By virtue of its construction of carefully-measured squares arrayed in a particular geometric pattern, Body Story celebrates the blueprint believed by the ancients to be contained within us and all organisms (plant, rock, animal, human)—a harmonious design of growth and expansion adhering to a universal mathematical proportion. I hope that wearing this sacred geometry might offer a sense of the golden perfection within each unique life, a story lived in the telling, incrementally, as it spirals outward. At the same time, the story spirals inward as memory, stored to be recalled and retold, ever-present and whole.

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Body Story 1

Body Story 1

  • A top constructed according to the Fibonacci series of numbers, where the squares measure 1”, 1”, 2”, 3”, 5”, 8”, 13” and 21”. Each number is arrived at by adding together the two numbers preceding it.

  • The proportion resulting when each number is divided by the one preceding it is roughly the same number, 1.6, which is known as the Golden Mean or Golden Ratio. Body Story, poem and garment, is a celebration of this sacred geometry, common in all of nature. (For more on this, start here)

  • Each square is pleated on the diagonal, with all pleats together forming a spiral across the front. Within the pleats, hand-embroidered red French knots number the size of each square and represent the poem’s “particles of inborn light”. Also available without the embroidery

  • Hexagonal neck opening, a geometry that is cohesive and balanced (like honeycomb, for example), with a symbolism of harmony and life
    Wider, boxy fit

  • Available in black or ivory heavyweight stretch jersey, with optional French knots in black, red or ivory thread

  • 10% of your Body Story purchase benefits Story Corps nationally and, locally, Good Shepherd Food Bank of Maine

  • Includes a card imprinted with the poem

Materials and garment care

53% hemp, 43% organic cotton,
4% spandex heavyweight jersey.
Cotton embroidery floss.

Gentle cold wash, tumble dry low.
Do not bleach. Iron low heat if needed.


Luke, in the top spiral image, is 5’11” and is wearing size S.
Mariah is 5’7” and is wearing size L.

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